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Here you'll find the proven methods and tools that are helping sponsorship seekers around the world, find and sign more partners.

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Welcome to Fit Sponsorship Academy. Our sole purpose is to give you the tools and teach you the methods that will improve you sponsorship results as quickly as possible. We've taken 20 years of industry experience and feedback from hundreds of students to create, what we're told, is the best online sponsorship learning experience in the business - bar none! Skip the mumbo jumbo and start learning skills and methods you can apply today. Here's a video to give you a taste of what to expect from the academy.


Here's some of what you'll learn...

  • Access the knowledge and tools you can apply TODAY to improve your sponsorship sales results immediately
  • Discover your sponsorship story - the one corporate brands want to hear
  • Learn how to identify the companies who will most likely be interested in your offer
  • Learn how to break through the invisible corporate wall and get that first meeting with the right person
  • Learn how to avoid the critical mistakes which create internal pressure and ‘chew-up’ precious time
  • Learn what to offer (and what not to offer) and how to maximise its value
  • Learn how to manage and align internal expectations so you’re all pulling in the same direction
  • Learn the secrets to crafting an offer for corporate prospects that will increase your sponsorship sales conversion rate
  • Learn how to close the deal without the sales hype
  • Learn how to maximise existing sponsorships
  • Learn how to turn short term sponsors into long term partners

What others are saying...

"Fit’s process to help us find and sign partners is brilliant. The courses gives us the roadmap for every step of the sponsorship acquisition process. They gives us incredible confidence we are on the right path."

Jo Lawson, National Partnerships Manager, MIFF

"I’ve been using Fit Sponsorship's courses and training now for 6 months. To start with I was cautious, thinking to myself… will this really get the results I need?? I did the work and now have the proof. The process works brilliantly! – more of the same please :)"

Lisa Box, National Partnerships Manager, Red Nose


Meet your instructors

Bruce and Tim come from the opposite sides of the sponsorship fence... one supporting, selling and servicing sponsorship for rights holders. The other buying and marketing sponsorship from rights holders. Together their insights are incredibly powerful and have helped many, many organisations work more efficiently and effectively, often progressing to set new records in sponsorship dollars they generate.

Bruce McKaskill, Co-Founder, Fit Sponsorship Group

Bruce is a 20 year veteran in the sponsorship industry. He has overseen more arts, cultural and community sponsorship deals than anyone in the country. Since 1999 Bruce has positioned Fit Sponsorship Group as the most successful independent sponsorship training, consulting and sales agency in the Arts, Entertainment and Community sectors. Bruce is a Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SUT 2000), a certified Business Coach and a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute. He is highly sort after as a specialist partnerships consultant and coach.

Tim Wood, Co-Founder, Fit Sponsorship Group

Tim is a leading brand marketer and sponsorship specialist. He's worked for some of the biggest brands in the world including Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, Nike and Mattel. He led Brand Marketing teams overseeing the creation of strategic sponsorships and the marketing leverage of those sponsorships. Numerous campaigns Tim managed have been recognised with global awards. Tim's passion for Arts and Entertainment comes from his background as a performer (Musical Theatre, WAAPA, 1994). Tim joined Fit Sponsorship Group as a partner in 2014. He brings a wealth of invaluable corporate insights and experience to our clients.