The 3 Critical Steps To Sponsorship Success

The acclaimed webinar that is helping sponsorship seekers achieve real results

This webinar was recorded with a live audience of sponsorship professionals from around the world. It remains today the go-to webinar for both beginners and industry leaders. It is a results based webinar - that is, it takes best practice sponsorship theory then applies it to actual case studies to give students real life examples of results that their peers are achieving. Then it shows you how to replicate that success.

For some this webinar is all they need to understand what's required to achieve in sponsorship. For others it's a launching pad to further sponsorship professional development and the beginning of a pathway to great results.

Who has this webinar been created for?

This webinar has been designed for any sponsorship practitioner, manager or director that wants to understand the proven steps to sponsorship success in under an hour.

What should I expect from the webinar?

The webinar cuts straight to chase by presenting the proven methods to sponsorship success, supported by key case studies. Plus it delves into the pit-falls to watch out for along the sponsorship journey.

What will I learn?

  • Learn the '3 Silent Killers' that erodes sponsorship potential for MOST organisations
  • Learn why corporate brands sponsor and what that means for you
  • Discover the processes and methods that are helping sponsorships high performers achieve results
  • Learn why the IMPACT your organisation makes is actually the key to your sponsorship success
  • Understand the insight behind 2 case studies and take the learnings and apply them IMMEDIATELY to your organisation
  • Learn the one BIG thing a prospect needs to believe before they will sponsor you
  • See how the 7 steps to higher conversion works

Your Instructors

Tim Wood
Tim Wood

Tim started his career in the Arts as a performer (Musical Theatre, WAAPA, 1994). In 1999 he joined the world of advertising and marketing. He went on to work for some of the biggest brands in the world including Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s, Nike and Mattel. He led Brand Marketing teams overseeing the creation of strategic sponsorships and the marketing leverage of those sponsorships. Numerous campaigns that Tim created have been recognised with global awards. He joined Fit Sponsorship Group as a partner in 2014.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the webinar start?
The webinar starts now! Pause if you need to and watch it multiple times - all up to you.
How long does the webinar go for?
Just under one hour of jam packed sponsorship goodness.
What if I have questions?
There is an email address in the webinar that you can contact us on to ask questions or book a time to chat.

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