Selling more sponsorship for your Arts, Cultural or Community organisation is not only possible but very achievable. The problem is most organisations aren't succeeding to the level they desire. It's not because of a lack of hard work. Heck no. It's because largely they are going about it the wrong way. The passion and hard work has stopped reaping the required results, which in turn creates pressure. Unhelpful pressure! But there is another way. A way that is producing results for Arts, Cultural and Community organisations of every size.

Using methods that have been adapted from best practice in other industries and developing tools on the job over nearly 2 decades, Fit Sponsorship Group has created a proven system for selling sponsorship that's unique to Arts, Cultural and Community organisations. No, it does not replace the hard work, but it does ensure that the hard work you do every day pays off. We use the very same system to sell sponsorship ourselves day in, day out. And yes, it works spectacularly well.


Most training courses or seminars are general. You hear generic thinking about your industry and feel momentarily motivated but rarely does it actually change the result and you’re left with the same dilemma. How do you change the status quo? How do you make a significant shift? How do you get the sponsorship results you need?

How To Build Your Corporate Sponsorship The Smarter Way was created specifically for Arts, Cultural and Community Sponsorship professionals. It’s packed full of real world case studies and worksheets so you can take the learnings and apply them to your own organisation.

We don’t teach anything unless we’ve tried it ourselves and know that it works. More importantly though, the course poses the right questions for you to address. All questions and answers are shared on discussion boards – a confidential space to discuss and test out ideas with your facilitator, coach and other professionals around the world who are doing the course.

  • Josephine Butcher, Partnerships Coordinator, Museums Victoria
    Thanks guys. Your advice and guidance over the last 2 years has been invaluable. We started with zero partners and are about to sign our third! I truly value your support.
    Josephine Butcher, Partnerships Coordinator, Museums Victoria
  • Yvonne Amos. GM Marketing, Communications & Income Development, Red Nose
    Fit’s advice, methodology and collaborative approach to working through partnership challenges has delivered an immediate result for our organisation. Using the tools developed with Fit we have seen a major partner, who was ready to move away from our organisation, recommit and strengthen their relationship and support. Thanks so much!
    Yvonne Amos. GM Marketing, Communications & Income Development, Red Nose
USD $995

This highly acclaimed proven process provides a step-by-step system to building a successful sponsorship portfolio. By the end of the course you'll have the knowledge and tools to create the sponsorship results you need. This powerful 90 day digital course is packed with worksheets and templates to help you apply the learnings immediately. Plus you can share your ideas and questions 24/7 on the live discussion boards.

Can I complete the course quicker than 90 days?

The time it takes to complete the course depends on your individual scenario. The course consists of 4 key modules with numerous lessons in each module. We recommend you complete one module and accompanying worksheets every 22 days. 

How many people in my organisation can do the course?

We'd recommend that at a minimum all the people in your sponsorship team  do the course. Key stakeholders would also benefit from completing select lessons. If you want to purchase multiple logins within the one organisation contact us and well let you know the details and arrange it for you.

How long until I see results?

You should see changes to your approach, and that of your colleagues, almost immediately. Conversion will follow on from applying the principles and methods you learn.  But let's be clear - acquiring a new sponsor takes anywhere from 6 - 18 months. There are no short-cuts to success but there are proven methods that will help you get there sooner.


How do I get my questions answered during the course?

The course includes private discussion boards where you can pose questions to the group and share ideas as you progress through the course. Additionally, the premium package includes 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions. 

Is there an overview of the course I can share with colleagues?

Sure, download here - Course Overview PDF

What are the T's &C's and Privacy Policy 

Click on the links here to view the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy relating to purchases.

Is the course available to purchase at any time?

The Academy has terms or semesters just like a University. Once a term starts the Academy closes enrolments for the course for that term and works with students to help them achieve their desired results. Right now we are accepting new students.

Is there coaching available?

Yes, the premium package for the online course includes 3 x 1:1  coaching sessions that can be used anytime in the first 90 days. Additionally there is a discussion room to share ideas and challenges with other students.

How does the forum and group coaching work?

While the course will give you the proven tools you need to progress your sponsorship success, students invariably have clarifying questions or particular hurdles to overcome. We find if one person has the question then many other also do. The live forum, or discussion room, give students the opportunity to share ideas and ask questions. Additionally your coach will connect with each of you in your 1:1 coaching sessions (premium package only).

Is there a guarantee that this course will work for me?

We are very confident that when you apply the proven process fully, you will significantly improve your sponsorship results. But if, within 14 days of purchasing the course, you don't agree then we'll refund your investment. All of it. No questions asked.